Frequantly Asked Questions

Have a question? Most people do!! What do I wear for my photo shoot? When is the best time to have a session? The list goes on so we’ve prepared this list of questions, chances are you’ll find the answer to your questions here BUT just in case you don’t please do not hesitate to contact me!!!


Q ‚Äď Why choose custom photography?

A ‚Äď Because that‚Äôs exactly what it is, custom, your session will¬†be tailored to your specific needs, likes and wants. Every baby¬†is different, every family is different and¬†so your photography session should be too!


Q ‚Äď Why is custom photography more expensive then going to¬†portrait studios like Walmart or Sears?

A ‚Äď With custom photography your session is personalized you¬†get more attention during your photo shoot and your images¬†get more attention too. Because a custom portrait¬†photographer dedicates extra time and attention to each of¬†their clients, you end up with more variety and personalization¬†in your images.


Q ‚ÄstWhere will my session be held?

A ‚ÄstIn my studio! Unless we are doing a park mini session, all sessions are held in my studio, click¬†HERE¬†for more info on Rikki Mae Photography’s studio.


Q ‚ÄstDo you only photograph babies?

A ‚Äď Mostly,¬†I specialize in Baby’s First Year Photography (maternity, newborn, babies & first birthday). ¬†My clients range from expectant Mama’s, to Newborns (babies within the first 8 weeks of life, with most being photographed within the first 2 weeks¬†after they are born) and Babies (2-14 months).


Q ‚ÄstWhat about families with older children?

A ‚Äď I love to watch my baby clients as they grow and to ensure that I can capture them at least once a year I hold Family Mini sessions 3¬†times a year, (Summer & Fall in the park and Christmas in the studio).


Q ‚Äď When is the best time to take maternity photos?

A ‚Äď Maternity photos can be done at anytime, you want to be¬†comfortable and feel beautiful. Around weeks 30-34 a¬†pregnant women starts to develop a really predominant and¬†beautiful pregnant shape and it is right before things start to¬†get ‚Äúuncomfortable‚ÄĚ. This is the time I usually when I¬†recommend having your maternity photos taken.


Q ‚Äď When is the best time to take photos of my baby?

A ‚Äď Newborn photography should be done within the first 2¬†weeks after the birth; at this time babies are very flexible and they are still in the ‚Äúsleepy‚Ä̬†stage so they are likely to be easier to pose and keep sleeping during the session. ¬†I like to photograph newborns between days 7-14, waiting until day 7¬†gives Mommy, Daddy & baby time to bond and adjust before the session. ¬†With that said I know not everyone has the opportunity to photograph their baby this early, don’t fret this is the recommended timeframe however we can still get great shots of your newborn at any stage – I’ve had successful sessions with babies up to 6 weeks of age (please note that not all posing/ props are available to newborns older then 2 weeks).

After the newborn stage the next best time to photography your baby is once he or she is able to sit up without support but before they start crawling, this is usually between 6-8 months old.

The next best time to photograph your baby is around your¬†baby‚Äôs 1st birthday, at this time your baby is starting to look and¬†act more like a toddler. One fun way to celebrate this¬†milestone is to do a ‚Äúcake smash‚ÄĚ 1st birthday photo shoot.


Q ‚Äď What should my baby wear?

A ‚Äď Newborn photographs are taken nude; this best shows off¬†the details of your tiny new addition to the family. Photos taken¬†in the buff also keep your photos looking timeless. Regular clothes tend¬†to look bulky on newborns and can make the photos look¬†dated in a couple years. ¬†I do however have some cute newborn prop clothes (little pants for both and diaper covers for girls), these are made specifically for newborn photography in tiny newborn sizes.

Babies are fun to photograph in their diaper, showing off their cute little rolls and cubby parts. It’s also fun to do their photos in cute little outfits like a tutu or dress for a girl or a shirt/ pant combo or onesie for a boy. Cake smashes should be done in the nude or a diaper only.


Q ‚ÄstWhat should I wear?

A ‚ÄstThis is a very common question, I encourage you to be¬†yourself and wear something that suits your personality and the¬†emotions you want to portray in your photographs.

Solid colors always look the best on camera. Crazy designs, big prints, plaids and big logos can be distracting and take attention away from the subject.

I would suggest choosing solid colors in shades like blue, green, brown, pink, purple, white or black as these tend to look flattering for all skin types.



How many times in your life will your body go through this amazing transformation?!? ¬†This is a time to be celebrated, a time to feel beautiful and maybe even a little “sexy”! To help with what to wear I will send you a list of wardrobe suggestions!!



If we are doing some family shots its important to create a cohesive look to your images, to do this I recommend picking a color pallet that has 1 shade and 1 or 2 colors and then everyone chooses their outfits from. For example Blues & Blacks or Purples, Whites & Greys, ect‚Ķ If everyone wears various shades of the chosen pallet, this will give the images a dynamic look without being ‚Äúmatchy, matchy‚ÄĚ.


Children should be dressed in solid colors, no big prints or patterns as this can be distracting and take attention away from the natural beauty of the children.  Pinks, blues, purples or greens are very flattering and will usually coordinate with my backgrounds.  Please ensure that the colors are light and soft or dark and rich, no extremely bright colors.



Clean and dry shoes are permitted in the studio.  If you want to create a classic look to your images I suggest bringing a pair of clean shoes that match your attire and show your personality.  If you would like to create a relaxed, fun look I suggest going barefoot. Or if you would like to create a casual look I suggest wearing clean; all black socks (no holes).


Q ‚Äď How will I receive¬†my portraits?

A ‚Äď After our session I will choose the best images from our session and will fully edit them for you, once they are ready I will send them to you by email for you to download and save.


Q ‚Äď How many images will I get?

A¬†‚ÄďThat depends on the package you choose, my packages are for 15 or 20 of the best images from our session.


Q ‚Äď Do you offer prints as well as digital files?

A ‚ÄďYes. If you are interested in prints or wall art (such as¬†standouts or canvases), or if you have any other questions feel free to send me an email¬†¬† ¬†



Please see the Investment page for information on my rates.